Two Lasting Bequests

Thoughts on adoption and other things dear to my heart.

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Lately when people ask How are things with the adoption, my reply is something like We’re just waiting. And we are. But there is so much hiding in that just. Waiting is not nothing. Waiting is uncertainty…that rumors and threats surrounding our children’s birth country and international adoption will prove true. Waiting is heartache…for a woman who – for some injustice, be it sickness or poverty or something else – will not watch the children to whom she gave birth grow and learn and laugh. Waiting is sacrifice…of my immediate longing to have and to hold and to mother because I believe there is a greater purpose here. Waiting is mysterious…how I can love someone I’ve never seen or met, someone who may not even exist yet except in the heart of God. Waiting is an invitation…to trust a God who know what it’s like to wait for the ones He loves. It is exhausting sometimes, all this just waiting.


So that is how I’m doing emotionally. Numerically, we are now #39 on our agency’s waiting list. We entered the list at #67 last July, so we are definitely getting closer to referral. As I eluded to, for a few months now, there have been rumors and delays and changes to the whole process. So if you are so inclined, please pray. Pray that families stay together if at all possible, and support organizations and individuals that work to do just that. Pray for integrity and discernment for all those involved at all stages of the adoption process. Pray that children in hard situations around the globe would somehow know deep in their core that they are loved by Love.