Two Lasting Bequests

Thoughts on adoption and other things dear to my heart.

Two months waiting

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I have no idea who these gentlemen are, except that they represent the MIT class of ’59. Found them as I was searching for an image of the number 59, and don’t they look fun?

It has been two months, so yes, an update is long overdue. I’m not sure what I want to write today, however. There were very few referrals this past month, so since August we have moved only from #61 to #59 on the waiting list. Adoption is unpredictable, but we are anticipating an approximate wait time of 15 months for referral. Two months down…

So I’m feeling “okay”. We knew when we started this second adoption process that things have changed, including wait times. Anyways, we have not yet bought a minivan, so we are not yet prepared to become a family of six.

But I sure do think about these kiddos a lot. Especially as my big kids are becoming more independent and doing things like dressing themselves and going to school and other big kid things. (Okay, so 6 and 4 are not exactly big, but they’re bigger than they’ve ever been before.) And while it is nice to be past the stages of baby gates and bottles, I sure do miss things like onesies and the sweet breath of a baby sleeping on my chest.

Quite possibly a long wait ahead of us, so I’m afraid it’s a little too early for this baby fever. I suppose it might come and go in waves over this next year. It helps that I have two lovable and not­-always­-so-­independent distractions in my life already. And one of them just so happens to have been adopted. And he is my reminder each and every day that Love finds a way. And Love redeems.


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